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Somewhere between a heap and a stack

Collaboration with Sohyeon Jenny Eom
Time is Out of Joint (group exhibition)
MAK Center (The Mackey apartment), Los Angeles CA

September 3 - September 19, 2020


Somewhere between a heap and a stack, 2020
ceramics, water, plywood, concrete, homemade adobe bricks, beeswax, reclaimed fabrics, dirt, sawdust, silicone
45(w) x 30(h) x 50(d) inches

Sohyeon Jenny Eom organized ceramic making workshops – a part of her participatory practice – where participants made cups, bowls, plates, etc. For the ceramics, I built the platform with various materials from organic materials to synthetic materials to reflect the heterogeneity of the colors, the shapes, and their makers.

Viewers are encouraged to pour water over the ceramics and make wishes.