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The Other “I”

The (Patched) Question (solo exhibition)
California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles CA

December 12 - 16, 2016

The Other “I”, 2016
stereo audio, speakers, urethane foam, pvc pipes, spray paint
60(w) X 36(h) X 69(d) inches

I wrote a monologue, which is someoneʼs experience having met his or her doppelgänger. The story is I divided into two parts. One is spoken in Korean, which is imitated by a Spanish speaker and the other one is spoken in Spanish, which is imitated by a Korean speaker. Since both of them donʼt speak otherʼs languages, they sound ridiculous but only to native Korean speaker or native Spanish speaker. So viewers only get limited information about the monologue by their first language. Both audio files are embedded in two sculptures, which are cut in half from one body of a sculpture. It is noticeable by the cut face and the contrast between the cut face and the surface of the sculptures. So the bodies(sculptures) make pairs with the voices. Viewers are alienated from the story by the inaccessibility of the use of language.

audio playing from sculpture

view or download the script of the audio